COMMISSIONS!! exciting!! 

  • all prices are the base price for a single character (additional characters are $5 each for inked and $10 each for inked+flats)
  • these will either have no backgrounds or a solid color (or gradient if you want)
  • contact me thru email, its easier to keep track of things! (qiowderhead@gmail.com)
  • payments thru paypal (USD)
  • when i finish ill send you a thumbnail of it and you can make some changes etc before payment. once i get the payment ill send you the full size
  • i will draw most things EXCEPT smut, mech, and animals (if you’re not sure we can talk about it)
  • HAVE A REFERENCE READY IF I’M NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE CHARACTERS!! or let me know if you want specific/alternate clothing or poses or w/e. basically the more details you can give me the happier i’ll be
  • if you want a specific style i’ve done before send me a link to it!! (art blog archive)

i’m only going to open 3 slots at a time, and ill open them up again after i’ve finished all three. THANK U SO MUCH LOVE U ♥ ♥ ♥


btw commissions are open again!